Meet Eric Phillips

Candidate for Henry County Board of Supervisors - Iriswood District

I’m Eric Phillips and I am running to represent the Iriswood District on the Henry County Board Of Supervisors. I believe I have the experience, the motivation, the determination, and the relationships to help Henry County grow into the place we all know it can and should be.

Henry County has great people, a beautiful landscape and a proud heritage.

For far too long that message has been overshadowed because of the headlines from our area have detailed: the high unemployment numbers, the low wages, the schools that rank near the bottom in per pupil expenditures in the state rankings, and the drug and violent crime problems that have remained at levels far above the state average.

Henry County is better than these headlines and and our citizenry deserves better! We need bold, fresh, intelligent, aggressive leadership to help the Iriswood District and all of Henry County reach it’s full potential.

A vote for Eric Phillips as your next Supervisor from the Iriswood district will ensure that our residents receive that kind of leadership.   


  • REVERSION – I will put my financial knowledge and negotiating skills to work to help in ensure the best possible outcome for our residents with the lowest negative economic impact on our citizenry. 
  • PUBLIC SAFETY – I will work within our community and with our local Sheriffs Department to make sure they have the tools they need to fight the drug epidemic and violent crime surge we are experiencing in our County together.
  • PSA EXPANSION –  We need public input from our citizens and more investigation into this issue to make sure we are best serving the needs of all of Iriswood’s citizens.
  • EDUCATION – Our children and faculty members deserve better than a school system that ranks next to last in the state (131 out of 132) in per pupil expenditure, I will work hard to ensure that our school system and our students get the funding they deserve!
  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – I am a job creator right here in the Iriswood district. I don’t just talk about creating jobs for our area, I do it everyday.
  • RURAL BROADBAND –  There are literally billions of dollars available from the federal government to help bring dependable, affordable, high speed internet availability for our rural communities. I will make sure Henry County receives its fair share.


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Why am I running?

Some may ask why run for office? Simply look at the picture of my family below.

I am determined to help make Henry County the best place to live, work and raise a family in Southside and Southwest Virginia for my family and for yours! 

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Vote Eric Phillips for Supervisor!

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